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Deadline to submit the registration form: January 10th, 2018


The real estate sector is regarded as the backbone of many economies and Vietnam is no different. Property developers, building contractors, distributors and architects have experienced undeniable growth in quality and quantity over the last year. These expanding sectors have provided great momentum for Vietnam’s property market over the last decade.

By adopting this favorable trend, Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine is scheduled to launch the Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards in early 2018, following the success of previous events such as Nhip Cau dau Tu’s Top 50 (Vietnam’s 50 Best-Performing Companies), which proved to be of great value to Vietnam’s business community. “Top 50” was the first event to be held in Vietnam that awarded companies by international quantitative methods and standards along with survey data and expert judges. Nhip Cau Dau Tu also holds annual investment conferences revolving around the latest business issues of the past decade.

The Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards honors sustainable practices and transparent values of the developer, investor and projects. We will recognize the great contribution of those taking part in the property market with the following awards:

1 - Best Design
2 - Best Developer
3 - Best Property Distributor
4 - Best Constructor & Building Material Supplier
5 - Successful Leadership
6 - Feng Shui Award
7 - Best Public Infrastructure

The evaluation is done objectively by the Board includes the key members from the government, economic specialists, experienced leaders in the real estate area.

Candidate participate in the awards are advised to submit information to Appraisal Council including a comprehensive description of the organization, individual, field of activity, outcome for the organization and community, role of the key leader and contributions in the real estate industry, other documents related to the nominated projects including information on the projects, certificates obtained, photos, videos about the project or candidate organization. The Appraisal Council will evaluate based on the information provides to determine which candidates deserve to be honored with the “Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2017”.

The Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2017 will take place at GEM Center on 24th of January 2018 with the participation of top Senior Management from Top Companies, Government Enterprise in all the flied that relate to real estate industry and Media representative.

Key timeline:
   -    January 10th, 2018: Deadline to submit the registration form
   -    January 24th, 2018: The award ceremony of “Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2017”