Vietnamese real estate market has acquired some great achievements in the past decade, thanks to its development resources and the increase in the number of real estate developers, constructors, distributors, as well as many talents in urban planning, which has created a momentum for the real estate market to grow. It has become one of the backbones of the economy, acting as a driving force for growth in Vietnam and other countries.

Based on that, Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine has started to organize the Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards (VOPA) since 2017, in order to honor the true and lasting values of all contributions, from every real estate business in Vietnam. In our first time, the award affirmed its prestige and influence, brought back many values to the business community in Vietnam. The program becomes one of the flagship events which Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine has held over the past 10 years, along with others projects, such as the Top 50 Best Business Company Vietnam in Vietnam, with measurement standards are in accordance with international one; The Investment Conference with topics closely following the business situation, and the Tech Summit update the latest technology trends in the world.

Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2023 will have 10 following awards:

1 - Best Designer
2 - BestProperty Developer
3 - Best Property Distributor
4 - Best Building Materials Supplier
5 - Best Public Infrastructure
6 - Best Real Estate Technology
7 - The Green Award
8 - Best Industrial Developer
9 - Best Resort Property
10 - Successful Leadership

Participants for the program are asked to submit information to the Appraisal Council, including a comprehensive description of the organization, individual, field of business, outcomes of the organization and its contribution to the community, the role of the leader, as well as contributions in the real estate industry. Participants also need to submit other documents related to the typical projects implemented including information on the project, certificates acquired, photos and videos about the organization/project etc. The Council will evaluate based on the provided information to determine which candidates deserve to be honored in Vietnam Outstanding Property Awards 2023.

Important milestones:
   -    10/25/2023: Deadline to submit application form